Digital Love: Crafting Our Unique Wedding Invitation Website with Netlify, Vue.js, and Airtable

Digital Love: Crafting Our Unique Wedding Invitation Website with Netlify, Vue.js, and Airtable

October 1, 2022


In the digital age, sending out physical wedding invitations can seem a bit outdated. That's why I decided to create a digital invitation for our wedding. It was not only eco-friendly but also allowed us to add a personal touch and make it easy for our guests to find all the information they needed.

Features of Our Wedding Website

RSVP Functionality:

  • Description: Guests could RSVP directly on the site. This data was sent back to Airtable, updating our guest list in real-time.

Event Details:

  • Description: The website included all the essential details about the wedding - venue, time.

Preview: What We Will Be Building

The website will feature a chic digital invitation, elegantly designed with a vibrant pink hue and adorned with a minimalist white line art depicting a bride and groom. A distinctive banner, carrying the names "Jihane & Zakaria" in stylish script, accentuates the bespoke nature of the event. A section of the website is dedicated to the cultural traditions of the couple, hinted at by the intricate henna designs on the hands shown in a partial photograph, symbolizing the union to be celebrated. An interactive element allows guests to input their blessings for the couple's future in a specially designed text box, further enhancing the communal feel of the occasion.
notion image
notion image
notion image

The Building Process

Designing the Website:

  • Details: I started by sketching out the design. The goal was to keep it simple yet elegant, reflecting our wedding theme.

Setting Up Vue.js:

  • Details: Using Vue CLI, I set up the project. Vue's component-based architecture made it easy to organize the website.

Integrating Airtable:

  • Details: Airtable was used to manage RSVPs. I set up a base with tables for guests' names, RSVP status, and dietary preferences.

Netlify Deployment:

  • Details: After developing the site locally, I deployed it on Netlify. The process was straightforward - I simply connected my GitHub repository to Netlify, and it took care of the rest.

Why Choose Netlify, Vue.js, and Airtable?


  • Description: A fantastic platform for hosting websites. It's user-friendly, offers excellent performance, and most importantly, it's free for small projects like this one.


  • Description: As a progressive JavaScript framework, Vue.js made it easy to build a dynamic and interactive website. Its simplicity and flexibility were perfect for a quick project.


  • Description: This hybrid of a database and a spreadsheet was ideal for managing our guest list. Its API integration made it a breeze to connect with our Vue.js app.

Explore the Live Website and Source Code

For those interested in seeing the final result of our digital wedding invitation website and perhaps even diving into the technical details, I have great news! You can explore the live website and access the source code.

Live Website: Experience It Yourself

  • Details: Our website is live and ready for you to explore! Experience firsthand the interactive and personalized features we’ve implemented. See how we’ve integrated RSVP functionality, event details, and our love story into this digital invitation.

Source Code: Behind the Scenes

  • Insights: For the tech enthusiasts and fellow developers, the entire source code of our project is available on GitHub. You can take a closer look at how we used Vue.js, Netlify, and Airtable to build this website. It’s a great resource for anyone interested in creating a similar project.